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$20.00 - $1,000.00

We need your support!

Every donation makes an impact. Large or small, your donation contributes to the ongoing sustainability of Trocadero as we seek to provide more opportunities for artists and the broader community.

As we re-open our doors in our newly renovated home on Leeds Street Footscray, it is through your generous donation that our organisation can give artists a space to share their work as well as the encouragement to create new work.

Trocadero is an artist-run initiative presenting a diverse and experimental program of exhibitions and events. A non-profit art space run by volunteers, Trocadero strives to provide a safe and engaging environment for artists to exhibit in, develop from, and contribute to the Maribyrnong community.

Please note: as Trocadero is not a deductible gift recipient, your donation to us is NOT tax deductible.